Inspired by colors of films on Leica M series from M1-M8 which used films. The presets package was build to match clean moody weddings and modern engagement styles. The Presets Package includes 14 presets + 11 color profiles which are suitable for all digital cameras and flexible for both indoor & outdoor lighting conditions. There are both Desktop & Mobile versions for Lightroom Classic/Camera Raw and Lightroom CC (Mobile).


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Desktop | Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3+ or Adobe Camera Raw 10.3+, Mobile | Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile, Both Desktop + Mobile Package

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Products are only available as a digital download. Unlike stand-alone software, presets once purchased cannot be deactivated and therefore we cannot offer refunds. However, we will do everything we can to help you use the presets to their fullest potential. Please contact us through to get help.
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